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Case Studies for Life

(or, "On the Proper Use of Anecdotes") (1000 words, ~3 minutes to read) According to most people, the pinnacle of scientific investigation is the randomized controlled trial (RCT). In this setup, the procedure and investigation are determined in advance, and a representative sample of subjects are randomly assigned to different treatment groups, whose scores on… Continue reading Case Studies for Life

The Real World

Slogans: What We Say and What We Mean

(1600 words, 5-6 minutes to read. Sorry in advance for the many, many quotation marks.) Growing up, my dad used to play this game where he'd dissect a word and interpret each piece literally. "Do you want to know where the word 'politics' comes from?" he'd say. "Well 'poly' means 'many', and 'ticks' are blood-sucking… Continue reading Slogans: What We Say and What We Mean