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Case Studies for Life

(or, “On the Proper Use of Anecdotes”) (1000 words, ~3 minutes to read) According to most people, the pinnacle of scientific investigation is the randomized controlled trial (RCT). In this setup, the procedure and investigation are determined in advance, and a representative sample of… Continue Reading “Case Studies for Life”

Push Off of the Bottom

You’re in a pool, but you are a poor swimmer. They tell you to just tread water, but you feel like you’re just flailing, thrashing around in hopes of keeping your head above the surface. You’re tired. You want to quit. This is how… Continue Reading “Push Off of the Bottom”

Some Blogs that Changed My Life

(1200 words, ~4 minutes to read) One reason I was convinced to start writing a blog is that in the past, particular blog posts have had important impacts on my actions, thoughts, and values. I want to give them the credit they deserve; or,… Continue Reading “Some Blogs that Changed My Life”

Just Pick a Restaurant

In a group of friends, it can be a nightmare to make decisions, e.g. where to go for dinner. “We could go to Restaurant A, B, or C? What do you think?” “Those all sound fine,” replies everyone in unison. Maybe one gets ruled… Continue Reading “Just Pick a Restaurant”

You Can Be Fake

People act fake sometimes. They smile when they don’t feel happy. They say things they know you’ll like to hear. They give when they feel no compassion. IĀ used to think this was always bad, like the ulterior motive was uniformly to lie and sell… Continue Reading “You Can Be Fake”

An Ergodic Life

(1000 words, 3 minute read) I expect that we all know a person whose life is just a mess. These disasters can come in many forms: maybe they can’t hold a job, or else they don’t want to, choosing laziness at the expense of… Continue Reading “An Ergodic Life”

Do Things That Nobody Notices

The mind is divided into parts which sometimes conflict. People put the divisions in different places: Reason vs Passion; Id vs Ego vs Superego; Left Brain vs Right Brain; System 1 vs System 2; on and on. (Of course, deep down everything is a… Continue Reading “Do Things That Nobody Notices”

Begin Again

I made a silly mistake in a silly video game I’m playing (it’s called Fire Emblem, a turn-based strategy game set in a medieval-ish magical world). I clicked a button by accident which skipped a lot of beneficial actions I could have taken, advancing… Continue Reading “Begin Again”

Concept of the Year 2017: Antifragility

Each year, I want to nominate a single concept or idea that influenced my thinking or behavior the most during that year: a Concept of the Year. This blog started in 2019, but I was doing this mentally for a couple of years prior.… Continue Reading “Concept of the Year 2017: Antifragility”

Hide, Fight, or Let Them In

(Content warning: This gets kinda dark. I am decidedly not qualified to give medical or psychological advice so if you are unsure, either stop here or just ignore everything I’m saying and speak to a therapist.) In my upbringing in Christian churches, I was… Continue Reading “Hide, Fight, or Let Them In”