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Case Studies for Life

(or, "On the Proper Use of Anecdotes") (1000 words, ~3 minutes to read) According to most people, the pinnacle of scientific investigation is the randomized controlled trial (RCT). In this setup, the procedure and investigation are determined in advance, and a representative sample of subjects are randomly assigned to different treatment groups, whose scores on… Continue reading Case Studies for Life


I’ve Always Wanted To Know: A Guide to Drinking

(Note: Nearly all the literature on this topic is correlational, so we should be skeptical about causal explanations. Since that's what we have we'll do the best we can. Also, I'm the wrong kind of nerd for the topic, so don't take this as serious health advice; when in doubt, talk to the other kind… Continue reading I’ve Always Wanted To Know: A Guide to Drinking


Yes, It Goes On And On, My Friend

In the old children’s TV show Lambchop’s Singalong, the adorable Lambchop and her woodland friends famously sang “The Song that Doesn’t End": 🎶This is the song that doesn’t end;(Yes, it goes on and on my friend.)Some people started singing without knowing what it was;And they’ll continue singing it forever, just because…”🎵 The song then repeats.… Continue reading Yes, It Goes On And On, My Friend