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An Analogy for The mind

It occurred to me this morning, and I thought it might be worth writing down, to add to the canon of bad metaphors for the mind and meditation. \\ Your mind is a skillet. Your thoughts are ingredients being cooked. The first time a… Continue Reading “An Analogy for The mind”

Blog Update: 2020/11/13

I haven’t written anything in roughly two months, so I thought I’d give a global update about me, as well as my thoughts about the blog going forward. As I write this, I’m in a plane flying from Chicago to Japan. I left Israel… Continue Reading “Blog Update: 2020/11/13”

The Default State

(2000 words, 7-8 minutes to read) My Beautiful Bubble (MBB) is skeptical about claims that X, Y, Z activities can “rewire your brain” in a meaningful sense. When we hear “rewire your brain” we think we’re changing what the brain is, but what we’re… Continue Reading “The Default State”

Of Two Minds

A kind of madness overtakes my brain,Distracting me, in every waking hour.I feel it ever pulling me in twain;My greatest weakness, once it was my pow’r. Observe, on some topic both deep and dense,My tendency to split right at the joint;“The way you see… Continue Reading “Of Two Minds”

“True Story”

I’ve been interested in the ways in which stories can be interesting and informative, even if they are not literally true. That is, maybe Socrates never participated in his famous Socratic Dialogues, but the critical insights we find in them remain unchanged in any… Continue Reading ““True Story””

A Dialogue on Occam’s Razor

Previously: Please Stop Misunderstanding Occam’s Razor. What is Occam’s Razor? It is an academic principle attributed to 14th Century English Franciscan William of Ockham (apparently we’ve all been butchering his name all this time, who knew?). It is stated thusly: Entities should not be… Continue Reading “A Dialogue on Occam’s Razor”

Please Stop Misunderstanding Occam’s Razor

It might be the case that everything you think you’re seeing is an illusion, a trick being played by some evil demon who has both malicious intent and perfect control over your experience. You could try to test things around you very carefully to see if… Continue Reading “Please Stop Misunderstanding Occam’s Razor”

The True Story of Socrates

(1400 words, 5 minutes to read) Almost every introductory philosophy class reads a few of the Socratic Dialogues, written by Plato. These stories usually explore some deep philosophical concept like Love, Honor, or Morality, through a discussion between Socrates (the philosopher protagonist of the… Continue Reading “The True Story of Socrates”

Bad Reasons to reject Bad Arguments

If we start accepting ‘slippery slope’ arguments, then who knows what other bad arguments we might be forced to accept in the future! ‘Ad hominem’? People who make those arguments are jerks. If ‘affirming the consequent’ is a bad argument type, then it will… Continue Reading “Bad Reasons to reject Bad Arguments”


I’ve been thinking a lot about honesty lately. This is in part because I’ve recently moved significantly towards an “honesty all the time” policy,* both for personal reasons and because honesty and good faith are prerequisites for intellectual discourse. I credit the shift to… Continue Reading “Self-Honesty”