The True Story of Socrates

(1400 words, 5 minutes to read) Almost every introductory philosophy class reads a few of the Socratic Dialogues, written by Plato. These stories usually explore some deep philosophical concept like Love, Honor, or Morality, through a discussion between Socrates (the philosopher protagonist of the stories, and usually the winner of the argument) and some other… Continue reading The True Story of Socrates

The Real World

Should We Reward “Bad People” Who Unexpectedly Do Good Things?

(1100 words, 3 minutes to read) Big news this week: in Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, Mitt Romney voted to remove him from office. This is big news precisely because we live in such a tribal world, where everyone's well-justified expectation is for every Democrat to vote to remove, and every Republican to vote… Continue reading Should We Reward “Bad People” Who Unexpectedly Do Good Things?


Bad Reasons to reject Bad Arguments

If we start accepting 'slippery slope' arguments, then who knows what other bad arguments we might be forced to accept in the future! 'Ad hominem'? People who make those arguments are jerks.If 'affirming the consequent' is a bad argument type, then it will have a conclusion. So since it has a conclusion, clearly it's a… Continue reading Bad Reasons to reject Bad Arguments